Serra Terror VI – 2015



The Serra Terror is an 80km endurance event held in the Grampians National Park every June long weekend.

Over two days teams will battle the terrain and the elements as they hike, run or scramble the 80km course. Both days cover a rough marathon distance, and both days will be spectacular. Teams may enter as a four person Endurance Team which will attempt to complete the course in its entirety , or as a Relay Team of five to eight members who are interchangeable at checkpoints.

The  course changes yearly to maximise the breathtaking scenery on offer and to ensure that every year is a new challenge for our many return teams.

In 2015, the event will commence with a welcome briefing and light dinner on Friday evening and will conclude with a well-deserved celebration at the Dunkeld Hall  on Sunday evening.

Updates regarding this years event will be posted regularly on our Facebook page.. so please stay up to date by clicking and following the Facebook link above!


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