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Southern Grampians Endurance Challenge



Registrations for Serra Terror 2020 will open online at 8:00pm on Saturday 1st February. If you are keen to participate in this years event, please get your team organised and mark your calendar!

While we are keen to have as many of you on board as possible, in an effort to look after regular and long standing teams, please note that part teams will not be accepted. People will not be able to ‘reserve a spot’ in the hope of putting together a team later. Only fully formed teams will be allowed to enter, so it is imperative that you organize teams now.

As per previous years, participants can enter as part of an Endurance Team or part of a Relay Team. Cost is $250pp.

* ENDURANCE TEAM = 4 or more members attempting to complete course in its entirety. All sections must be completed by all team members to be eligible for the title of “Fastest Team”.

* RELAY TEAM = 5 or more members interchangeable at checkpoints. These teams will be eligible for the title of “Fastest Relay Team”. 

Please note there must be a minimum of 4 team members competing at all times in both endurance and relay teams. 

This year team captains will be responsible for registering their team, as well as managing and updating any changes to team members in the lead up to the event.

To register you will need to:

1- Appoint a team captain

2- Team captain will register the team

3- Team captains will then send team members a link for individuals to register (this needs to be done straight away.. by the end of weekend at latest)

4- Any subsequent changes can then be made by the team captain.

But…. before you finalise your team.. please consider the makeup of your team carefully!! The Serra Terror is founded upon the principles of teamwork, comradery and sportsmanship and as the organising committee we wish to maintain the Serra Terror as a team event in every essence of the word. Serra Terror teams must stick together at all times and for team cohesion it is imperative that your team is of similar fitness and has shared goals with regard to the event.

Please also note that in the interests of safety, and in consideration of our long serving community volunteers and checkpoint marshalls, this year cutoff times will be introduced for EACH checkpoint. Hence a reasonable level of fitness will need to be achieved prior to the event!!

NB…last year our event sold out in under an hour and many teams missed out. We are already being inundated with expressions of interest for this, so please make sure you have your team ready and that your team captain is ready to jump online when those regos open!!!




(link opens 1st Feb 8:00pm) 



**Please ensure you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions, including cancellation fees as detailed on this website, prior to registering. Please note that as team leaders it is your responsibility to ensure all team members are familiar with all event conditions, as detailed on this website.**