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Home of Serra Terror
Southern Grampians Endurance Challenge




Well our limit of 50 teams has sold out in less than 24hrs! This has blown all previous registration records out of the water and we are so sorry to those that missed out! We are however SO excited to have such an eager bunch joining us this year and if this start is anything to go by, Serra Terror 2018 is going to be seriously amazing! Congratulations to the following brave and adventurous teams for securing a place in this years event!


#Cant Stop, ABS FAB, Allansford Allstars, Appetite for Exhaustion, Bean Counters, Beeripmo Wanderers, Big Spoon Little Spoon, Blister Sisters, Chafing the Dream, Coderunners, Coffee & Wine, Come Hell of High Water, Double Dutch, Family Crew, Fiery Pumas, Hams Heroes, Hamilton Hobbits, Hamilton Parkrunners, Happy Feet, Hawks, Holy Walkamoly, Hurry Slowly, Its all downhill from Here, Jilly Beans, JT, Jum Jum, Kellys, Lets Talk, Licorice Allsorts, Lou’s Legends, Mountain Goats, Mount Willy La Woo, Odd Bods, Pink Pumas A, Pink Pumas B, Plains Wanderers, Smooth Operators, Stepping it Up, Strike Force Serra, Summit Seekers, Team Ben, The D Train, The Fun Bags, The GJ Rat Pack, The Knights Watch, The Social Heights, The Walking Wounded, Time Wounds all Heels, Up_Dog down_dog, We’re here for the slice!


***Please note that online registrations are now closed!**

For those teams that missed out this year, we apologise! Please email us your details and we will add you to the waiting list in case of a team cancellation.