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Southern Grampians Endurance Challenge



Serra Terror was started in 2010 by Maree Willey as a fundraising event for the Dunkeld Community Centre.  At that stage the project to extend the Dunkeld Memorial Hall was costed at $2.5 million.

In 2014 construction of the Dunkeld Community Centre was undertaken at a cost of $1.6 million which consisted of state and local government contributions of $1 million and $600,000 from the Dunkeld community.  These funds enabled the construction of a new multi-purpose function space [the John Myers Room], consulting rooms and administration area, the RSL Room, the Green Room, toilets and significant remodelling of the kitchen and supper room, with some restoration of the Memorial Hall.

Over the last 9 years, the Serra Terror event has contributed over $200,000 to the Dunkeld Community Centre.

In 2015, the first full year of operation since the completion of the construction work, the Centre hosted over 150 events which were attended by approximately 7,000 people.  These events included community meetings and fundraising events, state and local government meetings and seminars, performances, school concert, weddings and funerals, birthday parties, sculpture exhibition and a cross-section of business events.  Many of these events used local caterers and participants also stayed at accommodation in Dunkeld.  So the Dunkeld Community Centre not only provided an attractive, modern facility for the Dunkeld community but also provided an economic benefit to the Dunkeld community.


There is still work to be done on the facility, particularly the Memorial Hall, which needs new windows, door, heating, cooling and lighting.  The estimated cost of the works for the Memorial Hall is in excess of $50,000. In addition, more work needs to done on the landscaping.

As in previous years, the catering for the Serra Terror was provided by the Dunkeld Consolidated School, the Dunkeld Kindergarten and the Glenthompson-Dunkeld Netball and Football Club.  In 2015 over $12,000 were paid to these groups.

The Serra Terror event is providing financial benefit to a number of Dunkeld community groups.  In the longer term, it is hoped that with the financial support of the Serra Terror, the centre will be able to employ a co-ordinator.

The Serra Terror event has been a critical source of ongoing funding for the Dunkeld Community Centre.